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Inshell Pecans, Mammoth Halves, Junior Mammoth Halves, Jumbo Halves, X-Large Halves, Large Halves, Medium Halves, Topper Halves, X-Large Pieces, Large Pieces, Medium Pieces, Small Pieces, X-Small Pieces, Granules, Pecan Meal, Oil-Roasted Pecans, Dry-Roasted Pecans, Rosemary preserved pecans

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Southern Roots Nut Company is a wholesale supplier of both inshell and shelled pecans. Our pecans are sourced in the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, and Australia. All of our processors are Safe Quality Food (SQF) and Kosher certified and can handle almost any packaging or volume required. Our quality, food safety programs, customer service, and pricing are unmatched. Whether you are looking to purchase wholesale pecans for retail or confectionary use or market your inshell pecan crop, Southern Roots is here to service your needs. Please contact our sales and procurement team today for a free quote.



Here at Southern Roots, pecans are a family tradition.Our roots date back to 1973 when Marty Harrell started working for SNA Nut Company at a pecan processing plant in Camilla, Georgia. Within just a few years, Marty became the owner and CEO's right-hand man. After 21 years with SNA Nut Company, Marty started Harrell Nut Company in 1994. By providing customers all over the world with great service and the best quality pecans at competitive prices, Harrell Nut Company quickly became an industry leader and one of the most successful pecan processing operations to date. Marty’s three sons, Brandon, Chris, and Adam, helped him run the business, and, in 2008, Marty made his sons partners in Harrell Nut Company. In 2014, Harrell Nut Company was acquired by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a publicly traded company based in Decatur, IL, and Harrell Nut Company was integrated into ADM’s Golden Peanut & Tree Nut brand. In 2020, Marty’s son Chris left ADM and formed Southern Roots Nut Company with his brother Brandon. Today, Chris and Brandon Harrell are sourcing the best quality pecans wherever they are grown and processed and supplying them to customers all over the globe.



Sales and Procurement:

Chris Harrell 

(915) 491-4219


Brandon Harrell (229) 894-9424

We will be on contact soon.